KCFM Documentary Project Planning

I met with the staff at KCFM this afternoon to discuss my documentary project with them. We have talked about the following as key areas for photographing.

  • External shots of the building
  • Internal shots of the building
  • People working within the studio and offices
  • Street team working outside the station

I have arranged a few dates over the next fortnight to go into the station and discretely take photos.

I have also arranged to attend some outside activities including Christmas light switch on events that the presenters and street teams will be attending. One of the activities that was suggested would be good for me to photograph will see one of the presenters going to a local primary school to record the children talking for one of the radio slots. For this, the radio staff will seek permission from the head teacher and possibly signed consent from parents.

In order to work with KCFM I have arranged for my own public liability insurance to ensure that anyone that may be hurt because of my activities will be compensated appropriately.

We also discussed taking the following photographs but as they do not fit the documentary theme and are not needed for a couple of month they will form part of another assignment later in the course.

  • Publicity portraits of the presenters and other staff teams
  • General photographs of Hull landmarks and the surrounding area

Finally we discussed how the photos will be used, apart from my assignment, the event photographs will be added to the events page of the KCFM website. Other photos will be supplied at a higher resolution on disc.