Slinkachu is a photographic artist that uses remodels miniature railway characters, arranges and photographs them on the street and leaves them in place. He describes his Little People as both a photography and street installation project. Through the project he hopes to highlight what it is like to live in a big city. You can see more at


For my Slinkachu Little People photograph, for my Interpretations assignment, I was able to get my hands on eight models, but they were all sitting down. I spent a couple of weeks trying to think about what I might do with these eight sitting men but when I saw a piece of angle iron that my husband was going to throw away it came to me.

I got the double sided tape out and cut up the Scunthorpe Telegraph and arranged the men on the angle iron.

On a clear day, at lunchtime, I took the Little People to the top of the multi-storey car park and photographed them with the steel works in the background as if they were eight of the eleven men at lunch at the top of a New York skyscraper.


I could have done with taking a box or some steps with me as I think I needed to get higher in order to emphasise the height of the men. The thick  wall around the car park made it very difficult to position the people lower than me.

I used an ISO of 400 and an aperture of F40 in order to get the foreground in focus and the background just a bit softer. I wanted to keep the shapes of the furnaces in the background but not distract from the men reading their papers on a girder.

Slinkachu tends to shoot in colour but for the purposes of this image I felt that black and white was more appropriate.

Slinkachuweb-2I couldn’t do this on my own and roped in two friends to hold the bar while I took the photo, one of which refused to show his face to the camera.

I chose not to leave my Little People in place. I felt that leaving an iron bar at the top of a multi-storey car park was irresponsible.

These short videos give a good overview of the work of Slinkachu.

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