Brand Identity

Having asked friends and family for their opinions on my logo designs I have finally got my choice down to two versions. The problem I have had is deciding on the colour that I want to use.

AJRlogoCol-10A lot of photographers choose to simply use black and white which would give a very professional and traditional look to my website, stationery and publicity. And while my logo works well in black and white, colour carries a lot of meaning and can help to convey something about my brand that black and white wouldn’t.


Someone suggested that they would like to see the logo in a bright tangerine orange on a grey background. I agree it looks quite nice but feels a bit younger and funkier than I am.

Another person suggested these yellow and brown colours. Again, I don’t mind them but but I’m also not blown away by them.


I had thought that navy blue would be a good colour. It represents loyalty, sincerity, confidence, peace, calm and most importantly trust. And I do like this combination of colour much better.

I also tried a few other colours to see what I thought before making a final decision.


I thought that this combination of blue and heather would be quite good for wedding photography and much more suitable for my target market. But I like the other versions too and can’t really make my mind up. Perhaps I will use a palette of colours that includes navy, grey, heather and blue.