Documentary Planning

I have been given an assignment to produce up to 50 images in a documentary style. The images must be taken on location and not in the studio.

I have arranged to work with KCFM, the local radio station in Hull and follow some of their staff around for a few weeks in November and December. I have asked if I can call into the radio station at various times of the day and night to photograph the presenters, newsreaders, researchers, sales team and the admin staff undertaking their regular duties. I have also been invited to take photographs at the various events that KCFM hosts.

Any photographs that I take will be passed on to KCFM for them to upload and use on their website.

For my first meeting with the station team I have been invited to attend their Firework Extravaganza at Brantingham Park tonight where I hope to photograph the street team talking to the public and the presenter Darren Lethem entertaining the crowd. While I am there I shall also try to get general photographs of the public and try to capture the general bonfire night atmosphere. Oh and I shall maybe capture a few shots of the fireworks!