Still Life

Whenever someone buys me a bunch of flowers I try to take a photograph of them, usually a close up of the petals, as a lasting reminder of their generosity. After a rough week, a friend bought me these lovely orange and red roses. Instead of the usual snap I thought I would make them the subject of a still life image for my Interpretations assignment.

StillLife1webIt took me a week to get around to doing this but it meant that the flowers were nicely open. I arranged them on the table with the only apple in the house and as one of the flowers was just going over I removed the petals and scattered them in front hoping to give the photo a bit of a autumnal feel.

First of all the stems had been cut too long and the photograph appeared to be very green but once I had cut another couple of inches off and rearranged them in the vase it looked much better.

I used the natural light from a window and tried the arrangement in both portrait and landscape, with and without a gold mantle clock in the background to indicate the passing of time. This was the image IĀ preferred.

I hadĀ another idea for this part of the assignment, to photograph tolls from the garage in an arrangement, which I will do if I get time before the hand in date.