Boat with a Shallow Depth of Field

This has been the most tricky part of my Interpretations assignment that I have tackled so far.

I had thought about photographing one of my nephew’s toy boats but thought that was a bit too much like Slinkachu. I had been told that to photograph a boat with a shallow depth of field from a distance was quite difficult to get right. So never being one to shy away from a challenge I headed for the River Orwell.

I headed first for a marina and after a few practise shots I found just how difficult it was to get the boat in focus and other parts of the image out of focus. All of the boats at the marina were tightly moored along a jetty and I thought the best thing to do would be to find somewhere where there were boats close to the shore as well as boats further out in the river so I moved up the road to Pin Mill.

The tide was in at Pin Mill, but beginning to go out and I managed to get a good range of shots, some with more or less success. I managed to have more success with a longer lens but then couldn’t always get all of the boat in the frame, other times, when the sun came out I couldn’t get the aperture open wide enough to get a very shallow depth of field and standing on a floating jetty to take some photos was a little nauseating.

I narrowed this selection down to my three favourites and asked others which they preferred. It eventually came down to the photo of the man rowing to shore and the shot of the rope tied to the jetty leading back to a blue rowing boat with my friends and family more or less preferring them equally. While the rower is more like the photograph I set out to take I like the colours and composition of the boat tied to the jetty and have chosen to submit that photo instead.

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