The word bokeh or boke comes from a Japanese word and means blur and refers to the quality of the out of focus part of a photograph taken using a large aperture. Typically bokeh images have soft circles of light within the blurred areas and a small by very sharp centre of focus.

For my bokeh image I wanted to try and capture some of the lovely autumn colours that are around at the moment so I headed off to the park.

Bokeh1webI tried a few places but settled on a spot in front of a tree with lovely yellow leaves. It was a very windy day and the light kept changing as the clouds drifted in front of the sun.

I took several images, experimenting with the angle that I was taking the photographs at but settled on this one. I lowest F number I could get was F6.3 at this moment; it has captured the leaf well but also a little more of the grass than I would have hoped. There are a few of the tell-tale bokeh circles in the foreground.


Next, I took a picture of a daisy. The blur on this image is stronger but there is little evidence of the bokeh circles.




Bokeh3webFinally I returned to my garden to try and take a photograph of the fushia bush. It was so windy that it took me several attempts to get a picture where the flowers were not being blown about.

I think this is quite an interesting shot as the flower and buds are in focus but there is clearly something still moving in the background which has caused a ghostly image to appear in the middle. I also like the whispy beard that is visible on the bottom of the long stamen.