Logo Colours

This week we looked at some of the different types of font that is available and how we can change the feel and tone of a piece of artwork by the different styles and colours of the type. Particularly that letters close together create tension whereas letters with lots of space around them give a much more relaxed feel.

I’m looking for a font that looks elegant and modern but as I am also planning to be doing some wedding photography I would like something that also has a traditional feel to it.

Colour is important too. Red is a powerful colour, one that can signify danger and anger. Using closed up letters, in a bold font, coloured red adds to the feeling of fear in this Jaws poster.

Other colours have different meanings, as the chart below demonstrates, pink is a very feminine colour, purple indicates individuality, fantasy and royalty, green reminds us of nature, growth and sanctuary while orange says warmth and optimism. I can easily think of a number of brand logos that use each of these colours but the chart below highlights some of the most popular.

I would say that the shade of colour also says something. Pale colours are a wishy washy and a bit vague whereas darker or stronger colours indicate commitment and strength.

I think the colours pink, purple and navy say the most about me and what I hope my business to be like and aim to use at least one of those colours in my branding.

Meaning of colour