Bezier Curves

This week we had an introduction to using Adobe Illustrator. After a look at the different tools we were set the task of tracing round a simple image, particularly using the pen tool and bezier curves.

In the past, I have created a path around an object by clicking with the pen tool and then converting each point to a curve. It is a very time consuming way of working even if it did achieve similar results.  Using Bezier curves, by clicking the pen tool and then dragging the anchor was a little tricky at first, but I think I mostly got the hang of it.

To practice this tool further I found an image of a script font, that had lots of curves on it, and copied and pasted it to Illustrator. Then I used the pen tool and Bezier curves to trace over the letters.

I also used layers to create each letter separately.

This is the result:

Bezier Curves-01

This is the original image that I copied from.

Bezier Curves-02

There are a couple of areas that are not quite the same and I have drawn some of the lines a bit thicker than they were supposed to be but all in all, I don’t think it is a bad first attempt.