Things in a Pile

For the Things in a Pile element of the Interpretations assignment I chose to take a photo of my ironing in a pile.

Things in a Pile
Click for a larger image

In the picture, there are several piles of ironing and I have added other piles of different things hidden around the room too. There are some biscuits in the bottom left, slippers on the floor, blankets on the window seat, videos on the television cabinet, conkers on the corner of the rug (to keep any spiders away) and on the edge of the mantle you can just see a pile of coasters with my Slinkachu figures sitting around.

On the television you can just see Iron Man playing. Not being keen on this chore I’d rather see a superhero called Ironing Man but I’ll take what I can get!

I took this photograph using the natural light from the window, converted it to black and white and tweaked up the contrast ever so slightly.